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Gattaca is a quantitative driven cryptoasset investment management and technology firm headquartered in London

Algorithmic Cryptoasset Trading

Gattaca develops and deploys trading algorithms based on statistical modelling, pattern recognition and machine learning techniques. Our proprietary trading infrastructure allows us to run market neutral strategies for market making and arbitrage, as well as long/short strategies based on order flow dynamics, price action and distributed ledger fundamentals with superior speed and execution.

Gattaca delivers tailored liquidity provision services across multiple cryptoassets and exchanges

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    Proprietary Infrastructure

    Gattaca’s proprietary trading platform is built to support low-latency environments, and can be connected to any crypto exchange that supports FIX, Websockets or REST APIs. The platform facilitates the execution of our market making algorithms that create consistent market liquidity in order to maintain price stability and favourable trading conditions. The algorithms are use-case agnostic and can be fitted with a wide range of parameters in accordance to the desired requirements e.g. book depth, spread, price stability, price discovery etc.

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    Quant Driven

    We apply the same methodology to the development of strategies for our market making clients as we do to our proprietary trading strategies, allowing our clients to gain exposure to Gattaca’s experience running for profit market making strategies on multiple exchanges. We don’t resort to a ‘one solution fits all’ approach, instead we analyse the behaviour of the token/asset in question, the exchange environment, and provide tailored recommendations to fit our clients specific goals.

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    Support and Learning

    We view all our client relationships as partnerships, and we make sure our clients are kept up to date on our actions every step of the way. It is important to us that our clients fully understand the process of work, so that they can learn and develop their own understanding of the market behaviour. We are available 24/7 for questions and support.


The Gattaca team is skilled in building sophisticated technology products, with previous combined experience from The London School of Economics, Imperial College London,
UBS, Deutsche Bank, Google and Y Combinator.

58 City Road, London